JaluStem Gardenia Stem Cells in Pure Hyaluronic Acid 15 ml


Hyaluronic acid is an intensive anti-wrinkle with practically zero allergenicity, intended for all areas of the face with roughness and in particular at the eye contour, often a site of roughness of expression, with practically immediate relaxing effect on the roughness themselves. The relaxing action is typical of high molecular weight active ingredients: the strongest anti-wrinkle is hyaluronic acid. This compound, constituting the fundamental substance of the skin connective, is in fact of a polysaccharide nature, therefore without individual typing, or with practically no allergenicity. It has an immediate relaxing action on wrinkles with action from the outside that lasts for several hours; long-term preventive action on micro and macro roughness from the inside by the low molecular fractions that retain water in the deep skin layers.

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