Technically, this is a glossy silicone rubber
dissolved in an evaporating silicone oil with two-phase action: when first applied on the hair, it has strong lubricating characteristics that facilitate detangling and combing, removing knots and sealing cuticles like a restructuring conditioner. Then, after drying, it acts as
a non-greasy glossy elastic film with revitalizing
properties, repairing split ends, protecting
and waterproofing hair in a way that usually
requires multiple products: a lacquer, a nongreasy
oil, a keratinizing agent, and a waterproof
gel that reaches from the roots to the
tips according to the quantity applied and subsequent styling. We have also added vitamin
properties found in the linoleic and linolenic
derivatives (vitamin F) provided by linseed oil,
protection from solar fading (the loss of color
brilliance under ultraviolet exposure) thanks to
a UV filter, and finally a pleasant slow-release
fragrance. This is also an excellent solution
for localized treatment to just the hair tips for
sealing and compacting action. The treatment
can be repeated daily and can be removed by
normal shampoo.

5 in stock (can be backordered)

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